Upcoming and Recent

May 2018 Coney Island in El Barrio, Fallen Heroin  El Barrio’s Artspace PS109 215 east 99th Street, New York, NY, 10029 Gallery Hours: Monday – Sunday 12PM – 5PM El Barrio’s Artspace PS109 is proud to present Coney Island in El Barrio-Fallen Heroin, a multimedia installation by Berdscarnival. The exhibition is composed of “strategies”, sculptural combines of found materials, […]

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Magic Machine Residency (July 1- August 7)

Coney Island Magic Machine Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/coney-island-magic-machine-artist-residency#/story July 1st, 2015 1st day of the Magic Machine Residency I got started late, still no keys. I’m happy just to be in the space, though. It’s a bit nerve racking having people watch your every move, but interesting to see and hear the responses. Today, I […]

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Coney Island has been an influence in my work since I first discovered it in winter of 2009. Winter is still my favorite time to visit. For me, there is a special link between home (Lubbock) and Coney in the winter. It may not be visually apparent, but it’s almost always a departure into all […]

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Free Pussy in the NYC Subway

While in Berlin, with Occupy Museums, I learned of a Russian feminist rock band who was in jail for staging an impromptu performance in Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Savior. That band was, Pussy Riot. Upon returning to New York, I felt a need to take Pussy Riot’s cause to the street,but how would I […]

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Occupy Museums

On September 20 2011, I decided to go down to Zuccotti Park to see what was happening. I think I had heard from my parent’s  that there was an Occupy group trying to organize there. My mom told me not to be going out there,so of course, I did the opposite. When I arrived, there […]

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