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May 2018
Coney Island in El Barrio, Fallen Heroin

 El Barrio’s Artspace PS109

215 east 99th Street, New York, NY, 10029

Gallery Hours: Monday – Sunday 12PM – 5PM

El Barrio’s Artspace PS109 is proud to present Coney Island in El Barrio-Fallen Heroin, a multimedia installation by Berdscarnival. The exhibition is composed of “strategies”, sculptural combines of found materials, abandoned objects, video projections and “live impromptu sketches”. Berdscarnival proposes an innovative approach to art-making where recycled materials, the improvised use of studio space, and a deep concern for social strife come together in a minimal and raw carnival of provocations. The project also debuts the Coney Island In Artist Residency Program, the ¨sideshow¨ in the piece that highlights the work of New York artist, Bryan Pettigrew. The residency program is an autonomous means of supporting artists all the while keeping the history Coney Island in motion.

Pulling from a synthesis of inspirations that include Coney Island, current social issues, film noir and Franz Kafka, Berdscarnival brings attention to the alarming issue of the housing crisis in NYC through subtle, whimsical sculpture, sound and film projections.

The first large scale intallation since the culmination of her thesis exhibit at Pratt Institute in 2010, From Coney Island to El Barrio-Fallen Heroin is a study of the American Dream in the 21st Century, an illusion that leads to one’s own disillusionment and delusions.

Originally from Lubbock, Texas, Berdscarnival has lived and worked in New York since 2008. After graduating from Pratt Institute in 2010 she became involved with the Occupy Wall Street Movement and worked closely with Occupy Museums. Their advocacy took them as far as the Berlin Biennale in 2012. The artist then took her studio practice to the streets, calling attention to issues such as the student debt crisis and economic class struggle. Inspired by Debt Fair (a project lanched by Occupy Museums) she created the Debt Doll Project in 2014. In 2015 the artist launched, Magic Machine Artist Residency at Coney Island. There, she researched and worked closely with the local community from a game trailer.

Coney Island in El Barrio-Fallen Herion responds to a situation of impotence and anger due to an economic crisis and the moral deterioration of a country that calls itself the greatest country on earth. Berdscarnival is committed to shifting our perspective and calling attention to social issues through subtle and satirical provocations.

Opening Night at Coney Island in El Barrio, Fallen Heroin, 2018

Chazz Sanchez the barker! (Video credit, Emily Sanchez)

Art Guerra, owner of Guerra Paint & Pigment Corporation at the “No Color Game”. 2018
Free community raffle on opening night. Coney Island banner artist, Marie Roberts painting for gift away. http://bitterwonder.com/
Kids standing in line to play the “No Color Game” with Genoel the luchador. (Please, Spanish only kids.)
IMG_2090 (1)
Gelatina and ice cream vendor (Alejandro.)


Platform for the heroin
Detail of “Turn’em into Gimps”, a free-standing strategy. 2018
Detail of “Shooting the Freaks”. 2018
Detail of “Rich Balls for Sale”, a free-standing strategy. 2018
Detail of…..balls? ice cream cones? eyeballs?
Coney Island In artist in residence, Bryan Pettigrew performs as Zoltar as part of his residency project. Picture taken outside El Barrio’s PS109 Art Space 2018
Neighborhood kids with Zoltar (Bryan Pettigrew) the fortune teller.

Coney Island In Artist Residency Program

Bryan Pettigrew (Coney Island In Artist in Residence), wearing some of his wearable sculptures.
Noah, Berd and Maura pose in front of the “No Color Game.”
De-installing the “No Color Game.”
All things must end and be recycled
Recycling the project

Coming in May..Help me get there by donating now!!!! Thank you!!



Thank you to all the many supporters of the Coney Island in El Barrio, Fallen Heroin project. This project is still evolving conceptually, stay tuned. 

List of people I want to thank

  1.  The community of El Barrio
  2. Everyone who contributed to my Indie Gogo fundraiser
  3. Maura Falfan
  4. Olumide (video editor)
  5. Cristobal Vivar
  6. Marie Roberts
  7. Gordon Lee and El Dorado Bump Your Ass Off Bumper Cars at Coney Island
  8. Noosa Yogurt
  9. Coney Island Brewing Company
  10. Everyone who visited and helped with the show

March 2018
MUAW SHOW! (Museum Union Art Workers)

I was an organizer and participant of our Met Union Art Show


Museum Union Art Workers Show
The acronym play of the title symbolizes a welcoming kiss as the exhibition is a celebration of community, art, and labor. The union workers of The Metropolitan Museum of Art organized this show not only to share their work with each other but also with the public. It is a product of their mutual support, love, and commitment to art. All 80+ participating artists are union members of District Council 37 – Local 1503, which is celebrating 60 years of representing and forging labor relations with the museum. This exhibit is a nod to the union’s anniversary while also highlighting New York City as a global community–many of the artists are first and second-generation immigrants.
A previous instance of workers from The Met organizing community-based shows was SW!PE which featured artwork made by museum guards. The exhibitions garnered wide attention from the press including The New York Times and NPR.
MUAW! contains a site-specific element as it will be held in El Barrio’s Artspace PS109. The gallery is located in a historical landmark building that formerly functioned as a school. The site was was converted into a residential space where almost all of the occupants are artists.
The organizers and the artists are proud of this exhibit as it demonstrates the impact that forming art communities at a local level can do to enrich the dynamic arts and cultural history of this city
MUAW! runs from March 11-22 in El Barrio’s Artspace PS109 at 215 E 99th St.
Gallery hours are from Tuesday-Saturday 12-6pm, and by appointment.
Opening Reception will be on March 11, from 6-9pm.
 For inquiries please email The MUAW! Committee at muaw1503@gmail.com

January 2018
Fire and Fury

An exhibit of anti-trump administration at the Resonator Art Space, in Norman, OK. The exhibit is curated by John Dougherty and Katy Seals.

Opens, Friday, January 26th, 2018

Study for Globe of Death
“Study for Globe of Death” 2018, plastecine, chain, pine needles, marker, pigment

September 2017
The Vent is a collaborative piece between myself and artist friend, Yasmeen Abdallah and is on display now, through November Swing Space at 900 Grand Concourse. It is part of SATTE PROPERTY, a three-venue exhibit between the BronxArtSpace, The Andrew Freedman Home and Swing Space.

STATE PROPERTY is a multidisciplinary examination of American consumerism of prison labor and our daily choices to purchase, condone or reject goods created in penitentiaries.  The exhibition asks guests to consider more carefully what “Made in the U.S.A” currently means in relation to the incarceration system and corporate outsourcing. Currency and choice (or lack thereof) are the springboards towards a much deeper dialogue that recognizes these present injustices. Read the full press release here.

Display image above, by Scott Houston

For a list of screenings and exhibition locations visit, http://www.bronxartspace.com/


Upcoming – October 6, 2017
Thrilled to be a part this  group exhibit: Self Storage

Self Storage NYC is a site-specific exhibition-event taking place in select self storage facilities in Long Island City and Flux Factory’s gallery. The project is a major Flux Factory show occurring throughout October, organized by a team of international curators.

The self storage units will be accessible from October 6th to October 27th
To access the storage units, a passcodes and map with addresses and further logistics will be available as auto-generated reply starting on the 4th of October by emailing: selfstorageshownyc@gmail.com

· Opening Reception, October 6th:
5 – 7pm, Tour of storage units every half hour, meet at Flux Factory
7- 9 pm, After party on Flux Factory roof deck
Please RSVP on Facebook

For more information please visit, http://www.fluxfactory.org/upcoming/16591/



August 2017
The Metropolitan Employee Art Show

An image of my 2017 piece, “Where will you go when you die?”  for our employee art show (closed to the public)
Detail 3-D print

May 2017
5th Avenue SAW-Bayridge Storefront Art WalkMaura Falfan and I collaborated on our piece, “Fool’s Paradise”. THANK YOU Long’s Wines, SAW and the Bay Ridge community!!

Fool’s Paradise

Fool’s Paradise is an assemblage of historical images specific to Brooklyn and original artwork digitally printed by DUGGAL Creative Solutions, on 2-way mirror surface. Together, the images enigmatically tell a story of past, present, and future Bay Ridge under the influence of perpetual rising rents for business and residents alike. This overarching issue remains an alarming problem throughout the 5 boroughs of New York due to the displacement of families and small businesses that are critical in shaping unique communities. Our goal is to raise awareness in a fun way by using 2-way mirror that creates an illusionary, magical effect that will pull in the curious bystander.

Maura Falfan and Berdscarnival in front of their piece “Fool’s Paradise”
Detail at night
Closeup detail of printed image on 2-way mirror
Detail in storefront

Opening reception and art walk: Saturday, May 13
Meeting point: In front of the Community Board 10 District Office, located at 8119 5th Avenue, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
Time: 11:00am
Date: Saturday, May 13, 2017

After Party: The Owl’s Head, 479 74th St, Brooklyn 11209 , 1pm-4pm

Press Release: http://www.bayridgesaw.org/category/press/#.WQt5SxRh2X0

June 2017 
Whitney Biennial, Debtfair (Berdscarnival)Whitney Museum of Art

In 2014, Occupy Museums was in the beginning stages of their project, Debtfair. After discussing the topic with core founder of Occupy Museums, Noah Fischer, I was inspired to create a special project dedicated towards paying off my student debt, The Debt Doll ProjectI am delighted to partake in this year’s Whitney Biennial through DebtFair’s online platform. When visiting the museum, look for Berdscarnival on the television monitor or look up my project on the computers that are installed in Debtfair’s installation. Congratulations DEBTFAIR!!! Thank you for your inspiration and hard work throughout the years.

Detail of Debtfair’s installation at the Whitney Museum
Noah Fischer
Debt Doll
Debt Doll in the Whitney Museum staircase

June 2017
With Something: A group exhibition at K&P Gallery, in New York, curated by JoEun Huh


“No Color at Coney”

January 2017
A.I.R. Gallery’s 12th Biennial Exhibition, Sinister Feminism. Curated by, Piper Marshall with Lola Kramer

Thursday, January 5th to February 5th, 2017


Debt Doll (Black one)
Debt Doll (Black one)

May 2016
Pratt MFA Alumni Exhibit 2016
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 17, 2016 7-9pm

“Remix 1, July 1- Aug 7 2015” Silkscreen on corrugated plastic,neon light, sound piece 2016

LISTEN HERE: For the audio to this piece, by Harvey R. Lackey a.k.a Ras(X)

Location: Pratt Campus, Brooklyn, New York
(Steuben Hall Galleries)
200 Willoughby

I’ll be debuting: Remix 1 ( 7/1-8/17 2015)
Music by Harvey R. Lackey a.k.a Ras(X) can be heard
A reprint of Gabriella Szpunt’s The Brighton Blowout can be seen

Artist: Gabriella Szpunt “The Brighton Blowout” 2015 Silkscreen on paper


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