We Are Legends. What Are You? Cover your ears, Truth Is In Silence.” (Basement Pics)

Diptych, Digital Image
Image size: 28″ x 34″ each

Security Guard Tiffany White, 9 months a guard
Security Guard Emilie Lemakis,25 years a guard

Every two years the Metropolitan museum curates a secret exhibit for it’s staff members. It is curated and installed by a handful of workers on their off time. The exhibit usually showcases over 400 employees from departments across the museum. Although I am uncertain as to when the exhibition started, it has been a long standing tradition for many years. I always make a new work for the show that pays homage to the guardianship/labor at the museum. The work is always a soft political statement about the enduring and strenuous act of standing, an act that results in numerous lower extremity injuries that the museum chooses to neglect.


MUAW SHOW! (Museum Union Art Workers) 

I helped organize and exhibit the first Union art show for the Metropolitan Museum’s local labor union (Local 1503).


MUAW! The acronym play of the title symbolizes a welcoming kiss as the exhibition is a celebration of community, art, and labor. The union workers of The Metropolitan Museum of Art organized this show not only to share their work with each other but also with the public. It is a product of their mutual support, love, and commitment to art. All 80+ participating artists are union members of District Council 37 – Local 1503, which is celebrating 60 years of representing and forging labor relations with the museum. This exhibit is a nod to the union’s anniversary while also highlighting New York City as a global community–many of the artists are first and second-generation immigrants.A previous instance of workers from The Met organizing community-based shows was SW!PE which featured artwork made by museum guards. The exhibitions garnered wide attention from the press including The New York Times and NPR. The organizers and the artists are proud of this exhibit as it demonstrates the impact that forming art communities at a local level can do to enrich the dynamic arts and cultural history of this city

September 2017

“The Vent”

0914172137-The Vent
“The Vent’ Neon light,metal poles,sound,latex rubber,digital prints

The Vent is a collaborative piece between myself and artist friend, Yasmeen Abdallah and is on display now, through November Swing Space at 900 Grand Concourse. It is part of SATTE PROPERTY, a three-venue exhibit between the BronxArtSpace, The Andrew Freedman Home and Swing Space.

STATE PROPERTY is a multidisciplinary examination of American consumerism of prison labor and our daily choices to purchase, condone or reject goods created in penitentiaries.  The exhibition asks guests to consider more carefully what “Made in the U.S.A” currently means in relation to the incarceration system and corporate outsourcing. Currency and choice (or lack thereof) are the springboards towards a much deeper dialogue that recognizes these present injustices. Read the full press release here.

October 2017
“Self Storage”

Self Storage NYC is a site-specific exhibition-event taking place in select self storage facilities in Long Island City and Flux Factory’s gallery. The project is a major Flux Factory show occurring throughout October, organized by a team of international curators.


Detail of my piece on floor-black rectangular plaque

May 2017 

“Fools Paradise” A collaboration with Maura Falfan

This piece was produced for the 5th Avenue SAW-Bayridge Storefront Art Walk

Fool’s Paradise is an assemblage of historical images specific to Brooklyn and original artwork digitally printed by DUGGAL Creative Solutions, on 2-way mirror surface. Together, the images enigmatically tell a story of past, present, and future Bay Ridge under the influence of perpetual rising rents for business and residents alike. This overarching issue remains an alarming problem throughout the 5 boroughs of New York due to the displacement of families and small businesses that are critical in shaping unique communities. Our goal is to raise awareness in a fun way by using 2-way mirror that creates an illusionary, magical effect that will pull in the curious bystander.

Special thanks to Long’s Wines and Liquors

“Fools Paradise” installation view
Detail of “Fools Paradise”

August 2017

“The Metropolitan Employee Art Show”

"When you die where will you go?"
Installation view: “When you die where will you go”?
"When you die where will you go?"
Detail of plaque “By reading this you agree to the sadistic treatment of guards by denying them to sit.”
Detail view of “Lottery ticket”


Pratt MFA Alumni Exhibit 2016

Remix 1 ( 7/1-8/17 2015)
Music by Harvey R. Lackey a.k.a Ras(X)